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Just concentrate on the strategic aspects of your company since this will boost your business. Leave in the hands of our staff the tasks that require a high degree of specialization.

Through our outsourcing services, your firm can reduce by 50% our operating costs and increase the efficiency level in specific sectors such as financial-accounting, technological or logistic.

By outsourcing, companies concentrate their resources and efforts exclusively in maintaining and generating activities where they have competitive advantages and delegate, fully or partially, other sectors such as the administrative, financial or technological ones with affordable costs.

Through our outsourcing services, many firms can reduce by 50% their operating costs and increase the efficiency level in specific sectors such as financial-accounting, technological or logistic, where, in general, the management of a firm is not competitive or efficient due to the high costs of maintaining it.

By outsourcing, companies concentrate their resources and efforts exclusively in maintaining and generating activities where they have competitive advantages and create other sectors such as the administrative, financial or technological ones with affordable costs. For these companies we provide our outsourcing services that can be hired fully or just covering some areas where traditionally is more profitable to hire external professionals.

Outsourcing in the administrative sector include activities from the simple decision to issue a payment order or a check to the complex decision of establishing the advantages and disadvantages of not doing it, going through all the administrative and accounting phases generated by it, and being permanently supported by professionals whose task is to optimize resources.



We provide the service to process accounting data, record such data in the accounting books, and every related activity, on an outsourced base, thus generating significant savings in structure expenses and ensuring reliable information and quick production of accounting and management reports.

We provide the following alternatives:

Accounting activities conducted in our office or in the client´s office:

  1. by using our accounting software, offering the client a remote connection for questions or to undertake some processes.
  2. by using the client´s accounting software through internet or with our professionals working in the client´s office.

Upon the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) law, the most important regulation issued after the financial collapses that took place in the United States, many companies with international auditors have hired us to provide this segment of the service.

In its second title, SOX deals with the independence of auditors. Among other, it establishes a limit to the services these companies can provide to their audit clients and details the activities that need to be previously approved by the Audit Committee. Thus, it is prohibited to provide accounting services to the audit clients as well as other services related to the preparation of the annual accounts; to design and/or implement financial information systems; to provide actuarial or internal audit services; management services in general and human resources; brokerage services, investment consulting services and/or investment banking; legal counsel services, internal audit and “any other services that the PCAOB may determine”.



To foreign-capital companies that cannot hire ARV for the external audit service since their head offices oblige them to hire international external auditors, we provide the following services (already having processed accounting data during the financial year):

  • Preparation of data and documents, the basis of the year external audit, applying the same procedures and working paper systems used by the multinational consulting mega-companies. This generates efficiency since ARV works applying the same working methods and standards, releasing the company management from complex issues and making time available, and on the other hand, generating significant savings since complete and quality data are submitted to the external auditor thus reducing considerably the hours of the external auditor becoming a basic issue at the time of negotiating fees with the external auditor.
  • Work with the external auditors, that is, the client hires the outsourcing service of ARV to show data, supporting documents, give the relevant technical explanation to questions made by the external auditor. We control the hours used by the external auditor as well as the quality of the staff assigned to the job.



In many cases companies do not have an internal professional structure allowing them to generate management information to be submitted to the Board of Directors, owners, shareholders, other. This prevents an efficient follow-up of the business sensitive variables with accurate information, having a direct impact upon the last line of the statement of income.

That is why we have a staff specialized in the design and preparation of management reports to be submitted to the Board of Directors, shareholders, owners, head office, other, with ad hoc criteria, of management/valuation, other, required by the client, consolidating with other companies, breaking down by line of activity, product, project, other, defining ratios, indicators, management reports, of budge control, making projections, historical comparison analysis, other.

We participate in the meetings of the Board of Directors as well as in the shareholders´ meeting where we submit the financial package, presenting the information in a professional way and making us available to discuss detected problems with our recommendations to resolve them.

Likewise, for foreign-capital companies we prepare the monthly and/or annual financial package for the shareholders or head office based on international audit standards and in the relevant language.



The preparation of tax settlement involves time and resources in addition to a permanent update on tax matters to ensure an efficient service. We have the best resources to assist you.

Our staff can prepare the various routine tax settlement such as: Value Added Tax, Gross Receipts, Internal Revenues, withholding of income tax to domestic beneficiaries, foreign beneficiaries, over staff members, gross receipts of the various jurisdictions, other so that you can concentrate on the key aspects of your business.




  • Creation and registration of the company with the local authorities, including legal advice in this respect, registration under national and municipal agencies, as applicable.
  • Registration of all relevant taxes: Value Added Tax, Income Tax, Gross Receipts, other, as per the company requirements.
  • Registration at agencies related to the salary field: Labor Risks Insurance Company, Social Security, unions, other.
  • Signature of books required by law.
  • Formal setup of the company accounting procedures: account reconciliation, salaries, invoice processing, assignment of inter-company expenses, account mapping, other.




  • Preparation of the routine minutes of the Board of Directors and of the shareholders´ meeting and of the minutes required for dealing with special subjects.
  • Registration of the company capital increase at the IGJ (Company Control Authority).
  • Preparation of data to be submitted annually to the IGJ.
  • Registration of the company authorities at the IGJ.
  • Registration of foreign companies at the IGJ.
  • Procedure to comply with the General Resolution RG 7/03 of the IGJ.


The person in charge of Human Resources can be released from countless operations that make the development of his specific duty complicated and then dedicate his best efforts to develop the technical and human potential, delegating the relevant tasks of salaries payment to our professional and specialized staff.

Our tasks will be:

  • To conduct a detailed survey of the items (salaries, non-remunerative income, tickets, loans, contributions) that are included in each payment.
  • To review the implementation of the relevant agreements in each of the concepts included in the payment.
  • To conduct a detailed survey of all reports related to the payment that may be useful in the management of the department of personnel administration.
  • To reach consensus regarding a work schedule of all activities to be developed during the implementation stage such as initial data input, input of payment news, payment of salaries jointly us required by transition (paralelo), payment control, credit, control of social security taxes and training.
  • To establish the definition and input of the organizing structures (agreements, categories, positions, professional qualifications, assignments, cost centers, time schedule, shifts, other) within the system.
  • To input in, a manual or automatic way, the data of employees.
  • To adapt the structures and formulas of payment in accordance with the survey made.
  • To input and/or coordinate, in a manual or automatic way, the payment news.
  • To pay salaries jointly us required by transition.
  • To control the concepts paid.
  • To provide the reports that were requested.